Haggis Adventures
Shamrocker Tours

Why travel with us?

Busabout, HAGGiS & Shamrocker are a collective of like-minded companies who get on well down the pub and share a similar view of how to give you a good time.

HAGGiS Adventures have been pioneering the best trips and sharing their passion since 1993. Busabout, Europe’s very own hop on hop off experts, have been championing flexible independent travel since 1998. With their Irish charm and legendary gift of the gab, Shamrocker Adventures came along in 1999. Then in 2003 Busabout Adventures was born with their groundbreaking trips throughout Europe and North Africa.

Many companies treat travel like it’s a religious experience or 'rite of passage’. If by this they mean you'll learn lots - we agree. We’re not saying it’s going to save the whales or close up the hole in the ozone, but through learning comes understanding. Our style of travel, whilst unashamedly good fun, treats the cultural understanding with utmost importance. On some of our trips we will show you around, on others we let you find out for yourselves - either way we are pretty sure you will have a great time.

Our trips are for those with a yearning to explore. Our travellers want to experience a country, its people and its traditions for themselves. Our mission is to make your budget stretch as far as possible to enable you time for endless experiences. We do this by arming you with knowledge, which allows you to choose how best to spend your time and money. See you on the road!